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Size: Round Bottom short handles

38cm (15″): medium wok, for 2-4 people

Price $150

41cm (16″): large wok, for 4-6 people

Price $160

43cm (17″): large wok, for 6-8 people

Price $170

Size: Flat bottom long handles – Now IN STOCK $165


Woks can be purchased through our SHOP page. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. We do not have a large back up of woks as the seasoning process is done by hand. 

Alternatively woks can be purchased:

  1. Over the phone using a credit card. Please phone us on 0422958522.
  2. We have a ‘pop up shop’ every Saturday 11:30am – 2:30pm at 222a Clarendon St South Melbourne (Located inside The Guitar Colonel shop).
  3. Through our eBay shop.


Couriers and Oz Post Australia Wide. Rates calculated on shop page.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Refund policy

At the wok store we’re confident you’ll love your seasoned wok. However, if you’re not happy, we offer a full refund less delivery, within 7 days.

44 thoughts on “Products – Purchase

    • admin says:


      Thanks for contacting the wok store

      We’ve sent you an email. Please send you phone number through and we’ll contact you tomorrow


  1. Matt says:

    Hi guys, I’d just like to check out a few things about the flat-bottomed wok.
    – What material is it made of (I assume carbon steel or cast iron)?
    – What thickness is it?
    – How wide is the flat area on the base?

  2. Michael Volikas says:

    I purchased a 40cm (16″) round bottom wok last week and have cooked 2 dishes with it since taking delivery last Friday.

    I am very happy to say that this is the best wok that I have ever cooked with. It gets nice and hot on my domestic gas cook top and is definitely non-stick as a result of the pre-seasoning process.

    This wok is definitely a much better option than anything you will find at a kitchenware shop. Highly recommended by me!


    • admin says:

      Hi Chrissy

      Thanks for your message. We recommend the round bottom woks, with the addition of a wok stand if needed. We will have the wok stands available on our website this week.


  3. Cynthia Jones says:

    Hello I will be cooking on an Iwatani butane gas burner. I want a 14 ” wok. Can you tell me which wok will suit me please? I dont know whether to ask for flat bottom or round bottom.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mike,

      They have small handles on the side….Yes you can definitely flip food, but you’ll need to hang on with a glove or towel.


  4. Victor says:

    Hi, Can I please get more information of all the flat-bottom woks please so I can decide which one I’m going to get. Thanks:)

      • admin says:

        Hi Victor

        Thanks for your message

        We currently do not sell flat bottom woks. We are hoping to have some one day, but no time line yet.

        Yes you can steam dishes in our woks, no problems


  5. Michele Lawrence says:

    I have a Miele gas stove with a wok burner. If I buy a wok will it fit the wok ‘ring’ or would I better to buy a flat bottom and use without the wok attachment?
    We are a family of 6 people but you say 14″ is best size. Do you have a recommendation please?

    • Richard says:

      Hi Michele,
      I’m looking to replace my current non-stick wok with a cast iron one and i’m interested to know what size wok you decided upon. I also have a wok’ring’ on the cooker so am leaning towards a round bottom wok. Thanks in advance

    • admin says:


      At this stage we will not be restocking the woks with handle grips. We have the large versions still available.
      The wok store

  6. Peter says:

    Am looking for a smallish wok Serve 1-2 people for meals in a small takeaway shop. Lightweight, Long handled and pre-seasoned with round bottom.
    Do you have anything yet?

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