Seasoned Woks Round Bottom Small to Large Sizes


Chef seasoned Chinese cast iron woks. Three sizes to choose from.

Plastic handle grips available on medium and small woks.

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Most people who purchase a wok are well aware of the need to season it. A properly seasoned wok takes time and expertise to achieve the perfect cooking properties.

At The Wok Store, we sell woks , pre- seasoned by a retired ex Silks Restaurant and Flower Drum chef . The result is not a perfect looking $300 wok, but a perfectly seasoned, perfectly working wok that will help you achieve that delicious “wok hei ” Chinese food taste.

Our woks arrive to you without the need to clean off any chemical residue. In fact, we strongly recommend that you never clean the wok with detergent. Only hot water. The beautiful thing about our preseasoned woks is that they can be cleaned with a metal scourer, without damage to the surface.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 41 × 16 cm

38cm Small Wok 2-4 People, 41cm Medium Wok 4-6 People, 43cm Large Wok 6-8 people


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