Pre-seasoned woks

Seasoned Wok
Short Handled Wok 35cm Seasoned

Most people who purchase a wok are well aware of the need to season it. A properly seasoned wok takes time and expertise to achieve the perfect cooking properties.

At The Wok Store, we sell woks , each individually pre-seasoned, by hand.  The result is not a perfect looking $300 wok, but a perfectly seasoned, perfectly working wok that will help you achieve that delicious “wok hei ” Chinese food taste.

Our woks arrive to you without the need to clean off any chemical residue. In fact, we strongly recommend that you never clean the wok with detergent. Only hot water. The beautiful thing about our pre-seasoned woks is that they can be cleaned with a metal scourer, without damage to the surface.

36 thoughts on “Pre-seasoned woks

  1. Kenny says:

    I have an ordinary gas stove, with domestic gas burners, I read that these burners are not hot enough for wok cooking, do you have any advice to offer.

    thanks Kenny.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kenny

      We also have a domestic stove top with gas at home. Our short handle woks are very thin cast iron. They heat up beautifully, no problems.


    • admin says:

      Hi Kerrie

      Thanks for your message.

      Any of our woks will work. Depends on the size you’re looking for. Perhaps a medium?


  2. John says:

    Hi. Are your woks made from carbon steel?

    I have bought numerous woks from Asian grocery shops for approx $ 15 – 20 and attempted seasoning on a wok burner . The seasoning I created seemed to flake off.

    I then seasoned my wok in the oven by applying peanut oil and baking it. This seemed to work and I got a really nice golden slippery surface, however as the wok got darker in colour it also seemed to flake.

    My question to you guys is, how do you season the woks? Ie open flame / oven?

    Any Pointers on keeping the wok from not flaking??

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the message

      Without giving away all our secrets, we do not use an oven and stick with cast iron.

      Flaking is usually the oil you’ve chosen


  3. Warren McLean says:

    Purchased a cast iron seasoned wok a few weeks ago.
    Just a not to let you know I am loving it.
    Great to cook in. Easy to clean.

  4. Clifford says:

    Gday I’m after a wok am a family man with wife & two grown children I use gas can you give me an idea & size that would be suitable is flat or round thanks

  5. Gwen O Brien says:

    Hi do you make a round bottom wok with a long handle in medium-sized please as i find the long handle much easier for me thank you Gwen

  6. Sybil says:

    I am looking for a cast iron 30-32cm wok. We have electric, non induction, cooktop and there are only two of us to cook for.
    I don’t really mind if it’s long or short handle but would prefer 2 handles. Would also prefer pre-seasoned if possible.
    What can you recommend.

  7. Edwina says:

    Hi! Just bought a large wok. Excited for it to arrive. Can you please recommend where to buy cooking utensils that are safe to use with the wok? Thanks so much.

  8. Ratheepan Rajkumar says:

    Hi there!
    We are looking for a wok that can work well with a Miele induction cook top …can you please assist. Currently if it server 1-2 people that would be great. Can you help us please ? We are located in Canberra.

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